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Twinkle Apothecary

Beauty Butter 💛

$ 6.99 $ 9.99

An intensely moisturizing all-purpose emollient that soaks in quickly to heal dry, irritated skin on the face, lips, body, hands, and feet.

    full ingredients: shea butter, wildcrafted grapeseed oil, wildcrafted rosehip oil, red raspberry seed oil, non-gmo tocopherol oil (vitamin E), essential oils of coffee bean, organic frankincense, organic helichrysum, organic roman chamomile
    • Shea butter: Shea butter is a non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) emollient produced from the African shea tree nut. It soaks in quickly to provide a protective barrier layer that prevents dehydration without causing breakouts and, it's full of skin-barrier strengthening vitamins and antioxidants like vitamins E, D, and A.
    • Wildcrafted grapeseed oil: This lightweight plant oil penetrates deeply into the skin to deliver anti-inflammatory polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals, which repair skin to fight signs of aging. It's said to have mild astringent properties to tone and increase elasticity.
    • Wildcrafted rosehip oil: Rosehip is an extremely lightweight oil, full of skin-brightening vitamins A and C, with regenerative E, B-vitamins, and omega-6 fatty acids. Rosehip is said to even skin tone and fade scars, making it a good choice for acne-prone skin. It has a robust-orange to bright-yellow color, which varies from batch to batch. The color of the product you receive may change, but the skin-healing effectiveness is always the same.
    • Virgin red-raspberry seed oil: Red raspberry seed oil is lightweight, non-pore clogging, and full of anti-inflammatory vitamins and repairing fatty acids. The exceptionally high levels of linolenic acid in red-raspberry seed oil are said to help with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Some studies have even shown that red raspberry seed oil protects against UV damage - although we still recommend layering products containing red raspberry seed oil with an SPF for daytime!
    • Tocopherol oil (Vitamin-E): Vitamin E tocopherols, derived from 100% non-GMO sunflower seeds, extend the shelf life of the other oils in our formulations due to their high levels of free-radical fighting antioxidants. As you might imagine, these free-radical fighting antioxidants also help repair and nourish your skin!
    • Essential oils: Steam distilled coffee bean oil, organic frankincense, organic helichrysum, and organic chamomile essential oils uplift, hydrate, repair, and soothe dry skin. The essential oil blend in beauty butter is a low dilution, safe for sensitive skin. Beauty butter has a sweet, comforting herbal scent. 

    Gently massage a pea-sized amount of beauty butter into the skin after cleansing and toning. A little goes a long way - start small and add more as needed!  

    Should I use this in the morning or at night? 

    Beauty butter can be used morning or night - we recommend using it sparingly during the day as it is a rich moisturizer. It makes a perfect repairing night cream!

    When do I use this in my routine? 

    The basic Twinkle routine: Cleanse, tone, facial oil, beauty butter. Apply beauty butter as a final step in your routine to lock in hydration! 

    What happens if I use too much? 

    Um, nothing! Beauty butter is non-pore clogging so feel free to apply liberally. If you feel like you've overdone it, just blot off any excess product. 

    Is beauty butter safe for acne-prone skin? 

    Yes! This is the final-step moisturizer that we recommend for acne-prone skin as it soaks in quickly without clogging pores. It can also help fade scars and even the skin tone of breakout-prone areas.

    Can I use this anywhere?

    Absolutely! Beauty butter makes a perfect body, foot, or hand moisturizer. Use it to give a little extra skin-repairing love to your eyes, cuticles, elbows, knees, or any dry patches. 

    Would this make a good pregnancy belly cream? 

    Yup, perfect! 

    Can I use it on my baby? 

    We recommend the sensitive facial butter instead, which contains no essential oils.

    This item is not refillable in our OKC shop - please wash the jar out and put it in your recycling bin, or, repurpose it!


    Crafted drop-by-drop in the Twinkle Apothecary studio, ensuring that every bottle contains the perfect blend of science, love, and twinkle magic.


    Everything is thoughtfully packaged in reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging, with bulk options available for at-home refills.


    Always 100% plant based, PETA-approved vegan & cruelty-free. Our products contain no animal products or by-products, and no harm throughout the supply chain.

    Beauty Butter 💛

    $ 6.99 $ 9.99

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Brooklynn Waldrup

    This is one of my most favorite parts of my skin care, even if I’m just feeling dry throughout the day this is a great pick me up! Always soaks so well in my skin!!

    Amber Stephen ms

    Beauty Butter is one of my favorite Twinkle* products (or maybe I don’t have have a true favorite because I love everything I use from Twinkle*?!). I use it at night as the final step of my skin care routine, and it goes on so smooth and my skin feels so hydrated - because it is! A little goes a long way, too!

    Tonya Swim
    Absolutely LOVE

    I have been using the facial cleanings masks, oil, acne, beauty butter and toner for over a year and will NOT switch to anything else. These products help keep my cystic acne at bay and almost gone. My face feels amazing, smooth and fresh.

    taylor martin
    Super emollient

    Feels so luxurious, effectively hydrates + protects skins, I will never buy another moisturizer!

    Abby Ellender
    The perfect dry-weather moisturizer!

    I use this as the final step to my night time routine, and it seals in all of my products so perfectly. It’s super hydrating and a little goes a long way, so it feels like a great value. And smells amazing!