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Bath Salts

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Relax in the bath and soothe sore muscles with this perfect blend of pink Himalayan and epsom salts. Option to add dried roses or lavender for extra flair.

After our current stock of jars sell, this will be a package-free product, only available in our biodegradable refill bags.

The refill bag contains approximately 1 cup of salts, enough to fill our jar one time. The double size bag contains 2 cups.

Transferring the contents of your bag into an airtight jar is the best option for long term storage.

Our bath salts are naturally scented with our signature body care fragrance - a refreshing and fancy blend of clary sage, rose, lavender, and copaiba balsam. 

It's herbal, tea-like, a bit woodsy, and a lot magical, with seriously uplifting aromatherapy benefits.

pink himalayan salts, epsom salts, rice flour, essential oil fragrance blend

essential oil fragrance blend ingredients: copaiba balsam, clary sage essential oil, high elevation lavender essential oil from France, spike lavender essential oil from Spain, organic lavender essential oil from France, lavender Maillette essential oil from France, rose de Mai absolute, Moroccan rose absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute,  geranium absolute, linden blossom CO2, organic wintergreen essential oil, organic grape spirits, fractionated coconut oil

Sprinkle the salts in your bath water as needed. 

    Artisan Made

    Is it science, is it art, or is it magic? A little bit from columns a, b, and c. All crafted in-house by one very picky witch.

    Go Forth

    AND CONQUER. Give 0 effs about beauty? US TOO. Let us simplify your routine so you can get back to your smart girl sh*t.

    Plants Are It

    No, really. That's it. Everything here is 100% botanical based with no artificial fragrances or irritating preservatives.

    We're not really into labels.

    Learn about our eco-approach to packaging and how we're making indie beauty fun again.

    Reusing and Refilling Your Bottles

    Everything you need to know to take advantage of our package-free skincare options for your most sustainable skin ever.

    Don't wait for a sale...

    we don't do them! Sales are for big stores full of mass-produced junk. Our products are crafted fresh when you order, so there's never excess inventory to clear. But, it's easy to earn up to 30% off through our rewards program!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Calm and Nice

    I love this small business. I live off of their Facewhip, moisturizer, and make up. I bought this bath salt, and not only does it smell amazing, it leaves my skin feeling so soft. This is a must buy for me now too.

    Kate K.
    Best soak evah

    I love most things from Twinkle and just add this salt soak to my list. I went with the ylang ylang scent. Used it recently, and loved it. I ordered the refill even though I have nothing to refill. :joy: Because why not!

    Davis J.
    Great local shop that is

    Great local shop that is entirely green minded. Can’t beat it.

    Jordan H.
    Seriously the best.

    I’m kind of picky with my bath salts and these are AWESOME. Not only are they relaxing, they’re beautiful in the jar. Buying again