Basic Body + Foot Powder

Twinkle Apothecary

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BE BASIC. Twinkle Apothecary's Basic fragrance is sweet, clean, and an all-around crowd pleaser! It's yummy vanilla mixed with bright, citrusy orange and lemon, plus a dash of herbaly floral lavender. Think "grown up creamsicle pop." Wear it all day everyday… it's basically comfort in a bottle!
​Twinkle Apothecary's body + foot powder is the perfect way to freshen up when you get a little… glisten-y.  
  • Made from ultra soft, natural, vegan powders and clays. You'll be amazed by how silky and dry your skin feels!
  • Scented with our signature 100% natural essential oil blends. No synthetics ever!
  • Has a multitude of uses… try it in your shoes, gym bag, on your yoga mat, in your sheets, anywhere you want to absorb moisture and control potentially stinky bacteria! 
  • Handcrafted with love by Twinkle Apothecary owner & creator, Stefanie.
  • Vegan and cruelty free… always! 
  • Sprinkle a small amount on a makeup brush, powder puff, or directly in your hands, and pat onto body.
  • It's also perfect for your feet - sprinkle it on before you put on your socks, or put a little in your shoes to help keep them fresh!
  • We love to use cute little vintage dishes to make applying our powder even easier!  
  • Our frosted glass bottles are sooooo pretty, but they are not recyclable, so we ask that you consider re-using or repurposing them once you finish the product inside!
  • 8 oz refills are now available - please include a note with your order if you would like a fresh label!
arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, kaolin clay, baking soda, tea tree oil, vanilla oil CO2, orange oil, lavender oil, lemon oil 
arrowroot powder:
  • absorbs moisture 
  • gives skin a dry, silky soft finish 
tapioca starch:
  • absorbs moisture 
  • soothing 
  • gives skin a dry, silky soft finish 
kaolin clay:
  • cleansing, detoxifying 
  • absorbs moisture 
baking soda:
  • absorbs moisture 
  • deodorizes 
tea tree oil:
  • antiseptic 
  • antibacterial 
  • anti-fungal 
  • light woodsy, herbal scent
vanilla co2:
  • relaxing
  • aphrodisiac 
  • sweet, warm scent
    orange oil (sweet):
    • uplifting 
    • astringent 
    • brightens dull skin 
    • sweet, citrus scent 
    lavender oil (french):
    • calming, fights stress and relieves anxiety 
    • antibacterial 
    • fresh, sweet, herbaceous floral scent 
    lemon oil:
    • uplifting, eases depression, stress, and anxiety 
    • eliminates emotional confusion
    • enhances effective communication 
    • disinfectant 
    • fresh, bright citrus scent
    2 ounces of powder in a frosted glass bottle, or, 8 ounces of powder in a resealable plastic refill pouch (pouch is recycled and recyclable)
    Top notes, aka the first impression:

    sweet vanilla with citrusy orange and lemon

    Middle notes, aka the heart of the scent:

    fresh, floral lavender

    Base notes, aka what lingers behind:

    creamy, sweet vanilla

    Pairs well with: Goddess, Dolce Vita, Florcore, Mulholland, Adore

    Customize your scent with our Single note perfumes!  
    Make it...
    Brighter: Neroli, Bergamot, Chamomile, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Geranium

    Deeper: Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver

    Spicier: Ginger, Cinnamon

    Fresh: Peppermint, Violet leaf

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