Bad Hombre Roll-On Perfume

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 15.00
Go ahead, be bad. Bad Hombre combines gourmand notes of orange, coffee, cardamom, and vetiver to make a gender neutral fragrance that is rich, earthy, and a little spicy. It's simply the perfect thing to wear when you want to make a statement... such as, ahem: #NOTMYPRESIDENT  
  • A luxurious and highly concentrated roll-on perfume 
  • Made from 100% natural, plant-based essential oils. No synthetics ever!
  • Blended with nothing but fractionated coconut oil. (A light, odorless carrier oil that absorbs quickly and won't go rancid.)
  • Build-able… Wear as much or as little as you like - behind the ears, on the collarbone and décolletage, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, bellybutton… (What? We've heard that's a good spot!) Our oil based fragrances are meant to be enjoyed at close range, so there's no danger of going overboard. 
  • Portable. The perfect size for dropping into your purse, pocket, and A-OK for air travel. It's so easy to re-apply whenever you want a fragrant little boost! 
  • Handcrafted with love by Twinkle Apothecary owner & creator, Stefanie
  • Vegan and cruelty free… always!

Fractionated coconut oil, orange oil, coffee bean oil, cardamom oil, vetiver oil 

fractionated coconut oil:
  • odorless and colorless 
  • will not go rancid 
  • lightweight, absorbs easily into the skin 
  • will not stain
orange oil: 
  • uplifting 
  • astringent 
  • brightens dull skin 
  • sweet, citrus scent
coffee bean oil: 
  • contains antioxidants, fatty acids 
  • good for dry, mature, and sensitive skin, chapped lips, eczema, psoriasis 
  • coffee scent
cardamom oil: 
  • uplifting, energizing 
  • helps with stress, fatigue 
  • aphrodisiac 
  • spicy, slightly sweet scent 
vetiver oil: 
  • eases anxiety, relaxes the nerves
  • relieves achy joints and muscles 
  • balances oil production, treats acne and sores 
  • woodsy, grassy, earthy scent

A 5 ml roll on perfume in a cylindrical glass bottle with a shiny silver cap

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