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About our Skin and Body Care

twinkle apothecary skin care

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Confession: I used to be a skincare junkie.

I thought that routines needed to be complicated and that products needed to be pricey, have a million active ingredients, and should probably also sting a bit in order to be “effective.” I spent years slaving away at my bathroom sink, spending tons of money at the dermatologist, and wondering what I was missing from my routine… there had to be some miracle product out there that would fix everything if I just kept shopping, right? 

Imagine my surprise when I experimented with putting the same natural flours and clays that I was using in my deodorant recipe on my face, and ended up with the glowing, healthy skin I had been searching for all along. 

That’s when I learned about the microbiome, (good bacteria,) and the fact that our skin is designed to self-regulate. Turns out, my face didn’t need fixing. It just needed some gentle nourishment so it could do its thing.

Too many products and active ingredients can damage your skin’s protective barrier layer, leaving it prone to moisture loss, increased sensitivity, and infection. With this knowledge in mind, I designed a simple, completely natural set of products to holistically balance and heal anyone’s skin, and I never looked back. Goodbye, hiding behind foundation. Goodbye, consumer culture. Hello, feeling comfortable in my happy, healthy skin every single day. 

I can show you how to get there too. It’s easy. The following has been my skincare routine for the past 7 years. I recommend a simple 3-step routine (cleanse, tone, moisturize,) to everyone, no matter your skin type or concerns. That said, only you know what’s best for you. Read the information I’ve provided on the product pages and blogs, try some samples, and give them some time to work. Consistency is key once you figure out your routine.

Body Care? 

That's even easier. Use a gentle, natural soap, avoid strongly scented products which can lead to sensitivity, and moisturize. Yes. Your body needs moisture too. Remember, your body is meant to sweat. Treat it well.  

Please note: Twinkle Apothecary is in the middle of a rebrand, and soon, my skincare collection will be even more minimal and sustainable, so some of these products are not currently available. Stay tuned for more information and updates to come soon. 

- Twinkle -

Stefanie's complete Twinkle Apothecary skincare routine

twinkle apothecary skincare routine 2

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