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About our Makeup

twinkle apothecary makeup

Hmm... can I even call this makeup?

It’s the most minimal, natural makeup you’ll find anywhere. I was never a fan of makeup until I started making my own, and I think what I love most is that it doesn’t feel like makeup at all. For me, it's all about the delicious texture, and taking an easy approach to highlighting what I love about my face, instead of trying to hide behind a mask. 

Facewhip is a healing moisturizer that gives you a subtle, natural glow. Follow with setting powder to curb excess shine.

Then choose how you want to play.

Shimmer balms are multipurpose, travel-friendly colors for lips, cheeks, and eyes. Shimmer powders are pure, loose pigment - perfect as blush or eye shadow.

The stain is an herbal-infused natural flush of color for cheeks or lips.

Eye tint is an all-in-one mascara, liner, and brow product that’s meant to subtly tint your natural features. 

You don’t need any of this to be beautiful, but I do hope you’ll have as much fun playing with all of the colors and shimmer as I do when I’m crafting these products for you.