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About our Fragrances

Forget what you think you know about perfume.

Natural, artisan-crafted fragrances are nothing like the typical perfumes you’ll find in a department store, which is A VERY GOOD THING. These scents aren’t trendy status symbols - they are wearable, organic art. 

There’s a palpable energy found in natural plant essences that can’t be created in a lab. These complex, rare, and precious earth materials have a grounding effect when applied to the body, elevating the act of applying a personal scent to a connection of mind, body, and spirit. 

Does that sound a little… woo? Well, IYKYK.

Once you go natural, I think you’ll understand. 

Remember: shopping for fragrances online is a creative process. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the descriptions, watching the videos, and ordering samples to experiment with something new. Then, when you find something you love, invest in a big bottle, which I’ll craft especially for you. These fragrances are pure joy. An act of love and a celebration of the earth, from my heart to yours.