Non-Alcoholic Rosé - Rock Grace 🥂

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Non-Alcoholic Rosé - Rock Grace 🥂
Non-Alcoholic Rosé - Rock Grace 🥂

Imagine relaxing with a drink and at the same time you are hydrating your body with botanicals that promote glowing, radiant skin and contain anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.  Rock Grace has carefully chosen two botanicals, rose water and organic raspberry, which can be found in every bottle of their non-alcoholic rosé for sippable skincare and elegant hydration. 

Rock Grace is a bottled crystal elixir infused with a variety of crystals, botanicals, and adaptogens that stimulate strength, grace, beauty, and love. The energy of the crystals and fine botanical and superherb ingredients enhance the elixir, calming anxiety and stress while promoting mental and physical wellness and empowerment.

Rock Grace is pleasing to the palate, pure and elegant in style, resembling a dry rosé wine. Blush pink in color and well-balanced, it is a vibrant non-alcoholic crystal elixir with a youthful and delicate nose, floral with hints of fresh raspberry.

Non-Alcoholic | No Allergens | No Artificial Colors or Flavors | Non-GMO | Made with Organic Ingredients

Calorie, Gluten, Sugar, Sweetener, Sulfite, Preservative, Guilt Free

Ingredients: filtered water, natural flavors, rose water, organic raspberry juice concentrate, organic rhodiola extract, organic schisandra berry extract, eleuthero extract

RHODIOLA (163 MG per serving)
Known as the golden root, Rhodiola has a delicate rose flavor and promotes energy, strength, fat-burning, endurance, and physical and mental performance.  Rhodiola has been shown to help regulate your body’s production of cortisol, your primary stress hormone, resulting in stress relief.   Too much cortisol can deplete your nutrient reserves, impair memory, and have damaging effects on your blood pressure, blood sugar, and metabolism. 

ELEUTHERO (143 MG per serving)
Also called Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero increases endurance, reduces fatigue, relieves anxiety and depression, helps your body adapt to stress, supports adrenal health, and  aids recovery from stress burnout.

SHISANDRA BERRY (153 MG per serving) 
Known as the five flavor berry for it's five distinct flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami) and harmonizing tonic, Schisandra Berry relieves anxiety, provides powerful antioxidant protection, and detoxifies the liver.  Traditionally used to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and increase vitality, Schisandra Berry is also used as a powerful herb for fertility, reproductive, and sexual health. 
Non-Alcoholic Rosé - Rock Grace 🥂
Non-Alcoholic Rosé - Rock Grace 🥂

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