DIY Lip Scrub Base 😘

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DIY Lip Scrub Base 😘
lip scrub kit twinkle apothecary

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Here's a sweet little treat to help you care for your lips! This organic coconut sugar + rosehip seed scrub can be combined with your favorite carrier oil to quickly and gently exfoliate your lips.  

👩‍🏫  to use 👩‍🏫 

Apply 1 -2 drops of you favorite oil to your lips. Dip your finger into the scrub and apply the scrub to your oiled lips, massaging in small circular motions. Wipe off scrub with a soft damp cloth, and immediately follow with 1-2 more drops of oil, then lock it in with your favorite lip balm. 

Spit out any of the scrub that goes in your mouth. 

Repeat as often as necessary.

🌱 ingredients 🌱

scrub: organic coconut palm sugar, organic rosehip seed powder

💧 Suggested oils to use 💧 

sensitive facial oil 

virgin coconut oil 

olive oil 

grapeseed oil 

sunflower oil 

jojoba oil 


DIY Lip Scrub Base 😘
lip scrub kit twinkle apothecary

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