Amber Spice Perfume 🍊💛🔥

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We've re-released our first ever fall fragrance from back in the day, 2015, as a spray, just for fun! 

(Looking for the Amber Spice solid perfume? That's in the Perfume Junkie Club listing here!) 

Amber Spice is a warm, bright, and spicy classic fall fragrance, with notes of amber, black pepper, sweet orange, clove, patchouli, and vanilla. 

If you love our seasonal lip balm spice or want something a little bit brighter and more fresh than our bestselling Cardigan, this is the fall fragrance for you.

Amber Spice is a limited edition fragrance, only available through 12/31/20 so don't wait!  

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, benzoin extract, wildcrafted labdanum absolute, vanilla co2, essential oils of black pepper, clove, sweet orange, patchouli

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