The Imperfect Sale

 It's a rough life for the handcrafted beauty product. So much travel! To the farmer's market, outdoor festivals, trunk shows... and everyone just has to put their hands all over you! Or sometimes, accidents just happen during production. Can you blame us for not being perfect?

Here, we've listed an assortment of items that are no longer pretty enough to sell full price, but are still darn good products. The quality inside the bottle is on point, but there could be a smudge on the label, a dent in the packaging, or they could be coming to the end of their life span... no worries though, because now our oops is your gain! 

Each sale item has a different story, so please be sure to read the full item description for all of the details. Even though these items are discounted for being imperfect, we still want you to be 100% happy with your purchase!