Solid perfume - Made to Order 💐

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 30.00
You've been asking, and promise we're listening.
You can now purchase any of our signature fragrances in a solid jar format! 
But wait, there's more: 
You can also  c u s t o m i z e  your favorite fragrance by choosing a base of rose or jasmine floral wax! 
These highly concentrated and long lasting solids are made to order, so once you select your scent (and optional floral wax base) we'll get to work handcrafting your perfume and will get it shipped out to you ASAP (about 5 business days or less...) 
If you're local, store pickup is always an option. We'll email you when it's ready! 
Please note: the customization option is at your own risk as we are unable to offer samples of made to order products. We're always happy to talk scent combos, so don't hesitate to ask if you're not sure what you'll like best! Rose and jasmine are two strong floral notes that pair with just about anything, but if you're not up for an olfactory adventure, (no judgement!) the regular option is probably your best bet. All sales are final, as per our usual shop policy! 
*please note that we are transitioning to our wider .15 oz jars for our solid perfumes - updated product photo coming soon!* 
Ingredients: the wax base of your choice (candelilla, rose, or jasmine,) fractionated coconut oil, and the essential oil fragrance blend of your choice.
(Please see individual perfume listings for full fragrance ingredients lists) 

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