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If floral fragrances are your jam, (congratulations on beingĀ awesome, by the way) Florcore is the scent for you! We basically just mixed up all of our favoriteĀ classic floralĀ notes while keeping the idea of it beingĀ freshĀ andĀ modernĀ (not sweet and stuffy) in mind. This one also works as aĀ floral accordĀ whenĀ layeredĀ with some of our earthier fragrances toĀ createĀ your ownĀ unique scent!Ā 

overall impression: FRESH FLOWERSĀ 

top notes: intense sweet-yet-green floralĀ 

middle notes: white floral, classic, warm, rosyĀ 

base notes: soft balsam, cream

(aromatherapy benefits: heart opening, relieves tension, aphrodisiac)Ā 

  • Made from 100% natural, plant-based essential oils. No synthetics ever!
  • Available in an oil based roll-on, or an organic alcohol based spray.
  • Portable. The perfect size for dropping into your purse, pocket, and A-OK for air travel.Ā 
  • Handcrafted with love by Twinkle Apothecary owner & creator, Stefanie. Ā 
  • Vegan and cruelty freeā€¦ always!Ā 

Roll-on: roll behind the ears, on the collarbone and dĆ©colletage, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, bellybuttonā€¦ (What? We've heard that's a good spot!) Our oil based fragrances are meant to be enjoyed at close range, so there's no danger of going overboard.Ā 

Spray: mist onto your skin, clothing, in your hair, or around the room. Our spray perfumes are more concentrated than the roll-ons for maximum impact!Ā 

roll on: fractionated coconut oil,Ā rose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang oil, geranium oilĀ 

spray: organic grape alcohol, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang oil, geranium oil


    rose absolute:
    • heart openingĀ 
    • antidepressant, upliftingĀ 
    • sweet, strong floral scentĀ 
    jasmine absolute:
    • uplifting, combats depressionĀ 
    • aphrodisiacĀ 
    • fights exhaustionĀ 
    • treats dry skin
    • warm, sweet, exotic floral scentĀ 
    ylang ylang oil:
    • helps with stress and anxiety, relieves frustrationĀ 
    • aphrodisiacĀ 
    • balances oil productionĀ 
    • used to treat acne, dermatitis, and fight wrinklesĀ 
    • sweet floral scentĀ 
    geranium oil (burbon, aka rose geranium):
    • alleviates stressĀ 
    • regulates oil productionĀ 
    • fights celluliteĀ 
    • gives skin radianceĀ 
    • rosy, floral scent with green musky undertonesĀ 

    all of them!Ā 

    (not joking)Ā 

    Florcore can be pared with any of our signature fragrancesĀ to add a classic and fresh floral accord - it's a great way to add complexity to our simpler, sweeter fragrances, and lightness to our earthier blends.Ā 

    Give it a shot!Ā 

    faveĀ single note perfumesĀ to play with:Ā 

    grapefruit, orange, neroli, bergamot, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, lavender, frankincense, cannabis, violet leaf, fir, palmarosa, black pepper

    We pride ourselves on our completely natural fragrances with transparent ingredient lists, and unlike most other brands who claim to make natural fragrances, our perfumes are 100% essential oil based and contain no extra additives to extend the wear time of the ingredients. This means that the amount of time the scent of the perfume stays on your skin depends on the ingredients in each of the individual fragrances.Ā 

    All of our perfumes are well-concentrated (a traditional eau de parfum ratio,) but the scents with strong base note ingredients will stay on your skin longer, where as our lighter fragrances will dissipate quickly, which really just means you get the pleasure of applying more regularly!Ā 

    We love offering a wide range of fragrances to suit every preference, andĀ donā€™t believe that wear time is an indicator of quality.Ā (Thatā€™s actually an idea that was introduced way back when perfumers first started working with artificial fragrances as a way to make their cheap un-natural ingredients seem more enticing to their discerning customers!) #themoreyouknowĀ 

    The amount of time that a scent lingers on your skin is dependent on many different factors - an individualā€™s unique body chemistry, the temperature and humidity levels in the air, how well moisturized your skin is, (which, ahem, is why we make matching body oils for each scent!) and your own perception - no two noses smell alike and some are waaaayyyyy more sensitive than others!

    However, as a general guide, hereā€™s a good place to start:Ā 

    If you want your scent to lastĀ all day go for:Ā 

    pĆ©tiller,Ā luscious,Ā beau spice,Ā close,Ā bad hombre,Ā the asterisk collectionĀ Ā 

    If you donā€™t want it to disappear too quickly but donā€™t mind re-applying in the later in the day (orĀ wantĀ to change scents from day to night) go for:Ā 

    adore,Ā blissed,Ā dope queen,Ā cat buttons,Ā florcore,Ā mulholland,Ā dolce vita,Ā nasty woman,Ā mamacitaĀ Ā 

    If you donā€™t care how long it lasts (or just love taking a #selfcare moment to re-apply during the day) go for:Ā 

    basic,Ā duchess,Ā goddessĀ 

    *very related side note these are literally our most popular fragrances so take from that what you willā€¦Ā Ā 

    Tips to extend the wear time of your favorite natural scent:Ā 

    • Layer layer layerĀ - we offer matching body care items for each of our signature fragrances because the other products that you wear should only add and never detract from your favorite scent!Ā 

    • Get the setĀ - When buying one of our organic alcohol based spray perfumes we offer the option to add the matching oil based roll on for an extra $10. We recommend spraying the perfume on your clothing and in your hair while applying the roll on to your pulse points for a double whammy of plant based goodness.Ā 

    • Stay hydratedĀ - fragrance disappears more quickly on dry skin. Hydrate from the inside out by drinking good old fashioned water, (also great for the face) and layer the matching body oil (or a complimentary scented body butter) to keep your skin supple, moisturized, and smelling great.Ā 

    • Get a second opinionĀ - your own nose gets used to the way you smell super quick. So many times we go out in public thinking we canā€™t smell our fragrance any more only to be complimented on how great we smell! Donā€™t assume the perfume is faulty just because you donā€™t know your own greatness. Our motto is that subtle is always better than choking strangers in an elevator. Okay, itā€™s an un-official mottoā€¦ but you get the drift, right??Ā 

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