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Gua sha is an ancient Asian acupuncture technique used to stimulate blood circulation, release toxins, and promote energy - you can use it on your face and body!  

  • GIA certified gemstones from Gemstone Yoni polished smooth and shiny. 

  • Stimulates blood flow to get your skin glowing. Breaks up fascia to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and generate new collagen. Releases tension, de-puffs. 

  • Can be used with your favorite facial serum, moisturizer, toning mist, or on dry skin.

  • Ships in a box with a padded carrying pouch and instructions. 

  • Rose quartz MOHS rating: 7 - Origin: Brazil 

  • Green aventurine MOHS rating: 7 - Origin: India 

  • Size: 5" long x 2" wide 

  • Each gua sha is unique and will have slight variations in color and shape. 

  • Natural gemstones - never enhanced with chemicals, dyes, heats, or plasticizers. 

green aventurine 

Each green aventurine will have a medium green color tone.

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

Green aventurine is known for its luck and opportunity it brings, used to manifest wealth with a winning energy.

rose quartz

Each stone will have a unique appearance of light translucent pink to medium pink color variations.

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

Rose quartz the stone of love, filled with feminine energy, compassion, nourishment and comfort. Inspires beauty, romance and intimacy.


Chi face lift: 

When preformed regularly, the Chi Face Lift tool can stimulate circulation to the skin, bringing increased blood flow which stimulates new collagen and elastin. In addition, the Chi Face Lift also helps to break up fascia under the skin, which can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • Start at the center of your forehead scraping outward.  Repeat this 10 times, then move to the other side of your forehead and repeat 10 times.
  • Work the nose by starting at the tip of the nose moving in an upward direction to the middle of the eyebrows.  Repeat this stroke 10 times. 
  • Move to the eyes, start with the top of the eye at the center, scrape outward 5 times, then move to the under eye.  Start at the center and move outwards, repeat 5 times. Perform the same sequence on the other eye. 
  • Next, work the cheeks.  Start at the center next to the nose and top of the cheek bone.  Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again, move down a bit more to the center of the chin and scrape again.  All cheek movements should be long strokes from center to ear.  Move back up to the top of the cheek bone and repeat the 3 cheek scrapes for a total of 10 times.  Perform the same sequence on the other cheek.   
  • Add in the neck by scraping from the bottom up, move around the entire neck in 3-4 sections for 10 strokes each section.  
For best results, massage three times a week for five minutes each session.  Your skin will be red for about 30 minutes afterwards. This is the blood circulating creating collagen.  Do not press so hard that it hurts, causes bruises, or breaks the skin. 
gua sha

Body treatment: 

To use the Gua Sha on your body, apply your favorite balm or oil to the skin for easy glide. Scrape in one direction – down, away from the head, or laterally away from the spine. The first few strokes should be light, then apply a little more pressure as required. Try to keep the pressure consistent, neither going too deep and hard, nor too soft. You will want to start from the top and work your way down the body. 

The Back
  •  Start at the base of the skull and scrape down the neck. The first stroke should be in the middle and work to the sides.  Break the neck up into 3 sections.  Repeat the strokes 5 times for each line.  * Make sure not to press to hard on the neck to avoid any spinal inquires. 

  • Work the shoulders for 10 strokes.  Start at the top moving down the arms to the elbow. Repeat on each side. 

  • Move to the middle of the back and break up into 3 sections.  Start at the top and move downward. Repeat each stroke 10 times. 

  • Next, stroke the side of the back breaking it up into 3 sections, moving in an outward direction. Repeat each stroke 10 times on each side. 

  • Move down to the buttock, starting at the top moving in a downward angle direction.  Break it up into 3 sections repeating 10 times for each side.

  • Lastly work the legs.  Starting at the top moving in a downward motion.  break this up into 3 sections, repeat 10 times for each section and move to the next leg. 

 The Front
  •  Start at the top of the neck and move in a downward motion.  Break the neck up into 2 sections moving down the shoulders and arms until you reach the elbow.  Avoid the center of the neck.  Stroke each section 5 times.  

  • Move down to the center of the chest.  Stroke downward starting at the center of your collar bone to the end of your ribs.  Repeat 10 times.

  • Work your breast area, break it up into 3 sections, start at the center moving in an outward direction.  Repeat each stroke 10 times and move to the other side. 

  • Next, move to the abs.  Break the abs into 3 sections starting on the outside moving towards your belly button.  Repeat each stroke 10 times and then move to the other side. 

  • Lastly work the legs.  Starting at the top moving in a downward motion.  break this up into 3 sections, repeat 10 times for each section and move to the next leg. 

Cellulite Treatment:
Work your thighs every other day for 5 minutes each leg to break up cellulite.  Hard pressure should be applied, but not pain. 

Gua Sha Body
Scalp stimulation:

Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation to hair follicles promoting new hair growth.  Scalp massage is best done with clean dry hair that if free of any product or with wet hair that has a conditioner applied to help move through the hair.  Perform the scalp massage 3-4 times a week for optimal results. 

  • Start your scalp massage in the center of your skull at the front of your forehead hair line. Move from front to back all the way down to the base of your skull.  Repeat this stroke 10 times.  

  • Next move to one side.  Break it up into 3-4 sections, moving from the center down the side in a straight line.  Repeat each section 10 times, then move on to the other side. 

  • Go back to the side you started on, break it up into 3-4 sections again, now moving in circular motions from the center down the side.  Repeat each section 10 times, then move on to the other side.  

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