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Body Vibes Smart Stickers 🦄

Body Vibes

$ 30.00
Body vibes are smart stickers that are programmed to deliver beneficial frequencies that restore energy imbalances in the body. When you are vibrating at the correct frequency, life is good. When your frequency drops, your health and mood suffer. Body Vibes takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, balancing the mind and body through the subtle manipulation of energy. 
  • Each body vibes smart sticker is programmed with one of the Solfeggio frequencies in a symbiotic combination of other supporting harmonic frequencies. Together, they have been said to harmonize specific bodily systems.
  • Body Vibes feature the only FDA approved adhesive for skin use - the same material used in Band Aids - making an allergic reaction unlikely. However, should there be any irritation, remove sticker immediately and consult a doctor if the condition persists or gets worse. 
  • Pregnant women should consult with their physician before use. 
  • Frequency 396Hz
  • Chakra association: Root 
  • Emotional association: helps liberate guilt and fear. This frequency is said to release feelings of anxiety and nervous tension. 
  • Frequency 639Hz 
  • Chakra association: Heart 
  • Emotional association: to harmonize relationships. This frequency is said to heal conflict and to connect us to others. 
  • Frequency 784Hz 
  • Emotional association: Peace and contentment Programmed with plant frequencies said to promote relaxation coping skills, and muscle relaxation. (CBD) 
  • Frequency 417Hz 
  • Chakra association: Sacral 
  • Emotional association: to facilitate change. This frequency is said to assist with endurance and empowerment. 
  • Frequency 741Hz
  • Chakra association: Throat 
  • Emotional association: to increase productivity. This frequency is said to enhance expression, creativity, and problem solving. 
  • Frequency 528Hz
  • Chakra association: Solar 
  • Emotional association: to assist with transformation and miracles. The "love" frequency is believed to spread love and peace. 
  • Frequency: 852Hz 
  • Chakra association: Third Eye 
  • Emotional association: to restore spiritual order. It's said to bring inner peace and strength, and to reflect light and beauty. 

contains one each of anti-anxiety, at the beach, beauty, focus, energy, and self love stickers 

  • Placement: Body Vibes should be worn to the left side of the heart or above it. Key placements are: left shoulder, upper back, upper left arm and chest. 
  • For sensitive types: recommended placement is lower on the arm or above the wrist or on the right side of the body. 
  • Focus & Energy Smart Stickers: May be stimulating at first but usually balances out within a few hours. Sensitive types are encouraged to wear lower on the left arm below the heart, or inside forearm or pair with chill, at the beach, or anti-anxiety. Can also be worn on the right side of the body. 
  • Cocktailing Body Vibes: Multiple Vibes can be worn together. Sensitive types should begin slowly with no more than two at a time. 
  • Drink water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water while wearing Body Vibes. Water is a major conductor of electricity. 
  • Waterproof: This product is waterproof. Can be worn in the shower or while exercising. 
  • Avoid: Prescription drugs. Computers and cell phones may weaken the smart sticker. 
  • 72 hours: Each Body Vibes sticker remains effective for up to 72 hours. 

Body Vibes stickers are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailment or disease and are experimental in nature. Body Vibes stickers are not intended to take the place of any licensed medical doctor's advice or treatment. Body Vibes LLC assumes no responsibility for your actions. 

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