Desert Musk (Video!)

Desert Musk (Video!)


Hi there! 

I'm trying to be better about cross-posting my content so everyone sees everything and I'm not just relying on one channel to share about my products, so excuse me while I create blog posts to embed my IGTV videos on my website. 

Here's a video I posted yesterday about November's perfume junkie club scent, Desert Musk. I forgot to mention that this is my second to last perfume junkie club release before I launch my new website! Sad but exciting! I've had a blast making these monthly perfumes. I promise to keep making new perfumes for twinkle, I just need to do it a bit more slowly going forward. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy hearing me ramble about musks. This is a good, gender neutral, refreshing-yet-grounding scent that smells like taking a hike. Something I think we could all use right now...  

Have a great month! 

- Stefanie - 

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